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Article 1: Advances and down payments

The advance amount is EUR 150 for all treatments (not valid for side effects).

If the customer does not arrange the advance payment within 48 hours after creating an appointment, the appointment will be canceled.
The advance is paid into the IBAN account in the name of DMTBEAUTY BVBA BE21 0018 4628 8603. We recommend that you save the payment with a screenshot as proof of payment and date. This serves as proof and protection for the customer.


When canceling an appointment in time (at the latest 48 hours before treatment), the advance payment can be used within three months to make a new appointment or treatment. This is ultimately deducted from the total amount. If the customer wishes not to make a new appointment and cancels later as 48 hours, the customer loses his / her advance paid. This also applies to late cancellations and not showing up for the appointment. The customer receives a reminder a few days in advance. Please confirm this so that we are sure of the customer's presence. Under no circumstances will a reimbursement be made, only in the case of pregnancy or serious illness as a result of which the treatment cannot or may not be applied; the advance will be reimbursed on the advice of a doctor.


If you book a package price with promotion (for example 5 sessions) and pay this in advance, (if you decide to take fewer sessions) no refund will be made of the remaining sessions.


With some treatments we do not ask for an advance. The following rules apply to these treatments;

- If canceled later than 48 hours or do not show up, the customer must pay 100 euros in advance with your follow-up appointment.

- As long as we do not receive proof of payment, it is not possible to book a new appointment.

- We send an invoice for this by e-mail that the customer agrees that if the customer forgets to cancel the appointment, she is obliged to make this payment.
- We send a reminder a few days in advance that the customer must confirm.

If the customer cancels in time and reschedules the appointment according to the agreed time, they should not take these rules into account.



Purchases & training

Article 2: Cancellation of an order or requested invoice


If the customer cancels or cancels the agreement or if the agreement is canceled due to his fault, he will owe us compensation of 10% of the total amount of the order, unless the customer decides to move the agreement to a later date set within 24 hours of cancellation.

Article 3: Cancellation - complaints - damage

In the event of defects, the additional costs will be reimbursed by DMTBEAUTY, if DMTBEAUTY determines this after a thorough analysis. In the event of damage to products upon delivery, dispatch or local purchase (consumables or consumer goods), the guarantee of the products is invoked and without additional costs for the customer. The customer must report any defects within 24 hours after delivery or purchase by telephone or verbally. Under no circumstances will a refund be made. Canceling appointments for treatments must be done no later than 48 hours in advance.

Article 4: Accepting the conditions of sale

Requesting an invoice or order from DMTBEAUTY means that the customer acknowledges having taken cognizance and accepted the terms and conditions of sale. Every order means the acceptance of our terms and conditions by the customer. If no invoice is requested by the customer, it is assumed that the conditions and prices have already been discussed (verbally or by telephone).

Article 5: Price and taxes

The total price stated on the invoice is always the final total and must be respected. The agreement can only be adjusted if the price does not match (verbally or by telephone) with the agreed amount. All taxes and VAT are borne by the customer.

Article 6: Payment term

The invoice must be paid within 7 calendar days after the invoice date. If the customer does not pay on time, compensation of 10% of the total amount will be added. No new appointments, training, updates or deliveries are made to customers who have outstanding debts of more than 7 days.

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