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Carbon peeling is a deep cleaning that works from the inside out. Restores the skin and stimulates the production of collagen, making the skin smoother. Unevenness is removed and excess sebum is removed, which reduces coarse pores and makes the skin less blackheads.


A big difference with other facial treatments is that Carbonpeeling does not dilute or damage the upper skin layer, but makes it stronger. The treatment gives quick results and is painless. Your skin does not bore, but a slight rash is possible due to excess sebum that is pushed up and neutralized.


We first apply a carbon mask to the face, it works for 5 minutes and then we treat the face, this takes about 10 minutes and does not hurt.


What does Carbonpeeling do with your face?

Due to the shocks that your face receives from the device, collagen production will accelerate. As a result, you see improvement in the dermis. Your skin becomes smoother and reduces redness or pigmentation.

Small wrinkles will disappear in the long term and you will prevent further wrinkles. The treatment also works well against acne scars, pigmentation spots and couperose.

What is the price for the treatment?

1 session: 99 euros.

3 sessions: 207 euros.

5 sessions: 299 euros.


How long will the treatment take?

About 15 minutes.


Does Carbon Peeling work against scars?

Unfortunately, scars cannot disappear, but they will be less noticeable.


Is the treatment effective against coarse pores?

Yes, Carbon Peeling is very effective against coarse pores.


Does the Carbon Peeling work effectively against wrinkles?

Hell yes! These decrease after a few treatments.


Can I have this applied if I have dry or oily skin?

Yes, that is also possible to achieve a more even skin. The Carbon Peeling also removes (part of) the spots on the skin. The treatment is also very effective for oily skin.


Can this be used as a normal facial treatment?

Yes, we can, we recommend doing this every 4 weeks. The Carbon Peeling is healthy for the skin thanks to the deep cleansing.


How soon can I come back for a second turn?

You can apply the treatment every 4 weeks.


Does the treatment work against pigmentation?

Carbon Peeling is very effective against pigmentation stains, but needs to be maintained every six weeks for optimum and lasting results.


Is Carbon Peeling possible during my pregnancy?

Yes you can. There are no risks for pregnant women or women who are breastfeeding.


Can the treatment damage my skin and is it painful?

The Carbon Peeling is in no way harmful to the skin and painless.


How long can I not sunbathe after the treatment?

After the treatment you are not allowed to spend 48 hours in the sun or under the sunbed and you must use factor 50 for at least a week.


How quickly do I see results?

After a treatment you already see a difference, but for optimal results we recommend three treatments.


What do I look like after the treatment?

Completely normal. The face is cleaned afterwards and then you can rub the skin with a moisturizing cream that repairs the skin.


Does it also work against acne scars?

Yes, this works very well against acne skin. It is important to do a new treatment every 4 weeks. The Carbon Peeling is healthy for the skin, thanks to the deep cleansing.


In addition to the Carbon Peeling, the NDYAG laser can also be used for a pigment laser treatment.

Pigment Laser is a treatment that directly touches the skin with laser beams without a carbon mask, making it a stronger treatment than the Carbon Peeling with regard to pigmentation. This treatment reduces pigmentation in one session and makes them disappear after 3 to 5 sessions. This is also a very effective treatment for couperose (often around the nose, cheeks and chin). This treatment is also painless, sometimes slightly palpable.


In addition to many unevennesses, do you also have a huge number of pigmentation spots and suffer from couperose & acne scars? Then we recommend the combination of both treatments so that you get optimum results.


Please note, after this treatment you are absolutely not allowed in the sun or under the sunbed for two weeks.


Carbon laser peeling

1 session: 99 euros

3 sessions: 207 euros

5 sessions: 299 euros


Pigment Laser

1 session: 125 euros

3 sessions: 299 euros

5 sessions: 345 euros


Carbon laser + Pigment Laser

1 session: 150 euros

3 sessions: 375 euros

5 sessions: 495 euros


With 5 sessions you can pay in installments, you pay half at the first session and half at the third session.

For more info and bookings, send a whatsapp or sms to the number 0032-488512507.


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