Semi Permanent Make-Up

Deepliner is a semi-permanent make-up technique applied with a machine needle. The treatment is considered not painful by most, but is considered painful in ladies with a very low pain threshold.

Deepliner is placed just at the border of the lashes, making the lashes appear much fuller. The technique is suitable for ladies who wear little to no make up and still want a fresh look.




How much does this treatment cost?

Upper eyelid: 199 euros

Touch up: 150 euros

Upper and lower eyelid 249 euros

Touch up: 150 euros


Why is a touch up needed?

After the first session, up to 70% of the treatment fades. After updating that is only 30%, so the end result is only visible after updating. The touch up is therefore necessary and extends the shelf life of the treatment. Without a touch up, up to three months of results will be visible.


Please note, a 2nd time touch up may be required with oily skin, this costs 50 euros.


How does the deepliner healing process work?

Day 1-3: very dark

Day 4-10: chance of blurring

Day 11-28: no color / shape

Day 29-35: see light color

Day 36-50: color and shape more visible


After the first session: 30% visible result

After touch up: 70% visible result


How long does the deepliner last?

Oily to normal skin:

12-14 months 

Dry to very dry skin:

18 -24 months 

After 24 months the regular rate applies for a new treatment.


What does the pre and post care entail?

  • No water contact for 24 hours

  • Not touch the eyes for 24 hours

  • No eye makeup for 1 week

  • Do not apply any cream

  • Do not use eyelash extensions or mascara for treatment

  • 2 weeks before and after the treatment do not sunbathe or go under the sunbed (from 2 weeks

  • rub factor 50 half an hour in advance)

  • If the eyes form crusts, do not remove them

  • Do not apply facials for 2 weeks (such as peels, chemical treatments, microdermabrasion, etc.)

  • Do not take painkillers beforehand

  • Do not allow treatment to be applied under the influence of alcohol or drugs

  • Not swimming or going to the sauna for 1 week

  • Do not exercise 3 days after treatment


Are the eyes swollen after the treatment?

Only the first few hours (max. 1 day) unless the customer is extremely sensitive, it can take up to 3 days, this is very rare.


How long does the treatment take?

Total on average 1 to 2 hours (depending on the treatment)

This technique is not suitable for:

  • Pregnant women

  • Women who are breastfed for the first 3 months

  • Persons with cardiovascular diseases

  • People who always take blood thinners

  • People with herpes on the lips

  • In the presence of a cold sore or blister during treatment

When using Roaccutane, no permanent make-up may be applied until the end of the course


Can this be applied to PMU as a cover-up?

This is possible if the PMU is almost no longer visible due to blurring. In that case it is always better to send a photo beforehand to discuss the possibilities.


Do I have to come for a meeting or can everything be discussed and applied on the day itself?

A discussion is not necessary, unless you like it yourself.



With eyelash extensions it is impossible to apply deepliner. Please remove this one week in advance.


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